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[대한전선/Taihan Netherlands B.V. 채용공고] Project Engineer (신입가능)

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2021-02-24 10:54
Taihan Netherlands B.V. is the European regional headquarter of Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd., a cable manufacturing company based on South Korea.
Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd is a global cable solution provider of cable and accessory products to Transmission System Operators and Distribution Network Operators.
Taihan (Both Taihan Netherlands BV and Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd.) 'S main goal is to become a major supplier in High voltage and Extra High voltage cable business in Europe.
Taihan Netherlands BV is focusing on providing engineering services to clients (TSOs and DNOs) and localization of our resources to achieve this goal.

Overall purpose of role:
• The role requires to provide the necessary contribution mainly at the tender and execution stage of Power Cable Systems projects.

Key Activities & Responsibilities
• Examination of the tender documentation, in particular the technical specifications, quality and HSE requirements
• Internal discussions within Installation Engineering and other Departments, as required, on the chosen solution
• Preparation and issuing of technical specifications (RFQ) for the potential subcontractors
• Examination of the received proposals from potential subcontractors from different points of views: technical, economical and scheduling / timing of the work
• Discussions with Subcontractors with the aim of clarifying offers and aligning them to Taihan / Customer requirements
• Elaboration of the Installation Costs
• Preparation of the Technical Description of the Work and the documentation requested by the Customer with regard to installation matters
• Assembly and preparation of the plan of work with regard to the installation activities
• Supporting the Project Manager in overall project risk and opportunity assessments and overseeing the implementation of resulting improvement and mitigation actions
• Supporting the Sales Manager in issuing claims related to changes in project scope, including assessing cost and time impacts as well as risk quantifications
• Preparation of and participation in project progress revies as well as communication of progress and control issues to the project team including suggestions

Qualifications & Experience
• You reside in the Netherlands and are eligible to work in the Netherlands (with valid work permit)
• Fluency in spoken and written English (mandatory) and proficiency in Korean is highly preferred. Fluency in Dutch, German or Danish is beneficial.
• BSc degree preferably within Electrical or Civil or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent work experience.
• Relevant work experience is not required, entry-level applicants are also welcomed.
• Team working capability
• Knowledge and familiarity with of softwares like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Primavera, AutoCAD and in the use of the Web
• No restriction on traveling abroad

• Please send your resume and cover letter (in English or Korean) to: jennifer@taihan.eu
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