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Product Manager Solar - LG Electronics

LG Electronics
2020-10-15 10:10
Do you want to develop yourself while working in a fast-paced and continuous changing international environment? You like to contribute to the success of an organization and you are not afraid of a challenge? Then we might have an interesting opportunity for you to join us as a:

Product Manager Solar

What will you do?
As a Product Manager for our Solar products, you will be responsible for developing the product strategy in order to improve the product’s position in the market and increase profit.
The working activities will be amongst others:

Improve Competitiveness of PRM
• Identify market size and trend and analyze market characteristics to forecast demand /consumer trends etc. in advance;
• Establish mid/long-term product strategy which can lead the market by forecasting product trend and competitor direction;
• Examine competitiveness of our product and appropriateness of our product spec. and features compared to competitor’s and establish positioning strategy for each product;
• Establish annual NPI (launching plan) Master Plan;
• Establish EOL plan and manage product EOL timely;
• Check current status of M/S and establish target and strategic direction to improve competitive position;

Price Management
• Set target price after examining our brand power within the market and product competitiveness;
• Examine price positioning and price competitiveness by analyzing/comparing our products with competitor products;
• Monitor market price regularly and respond to price change timely;

Establish Business Plan
• Establish next year business plan;
• Establish SG that considers expansion of M/S, premium product line, penetrating new channels etc.;

Marketing Communication
• Establish annual marketing communication plan and monitor progress and result;
• Check marketing communication activity and status of media investment of competitor and establish countermeasure plan;
• Analyze effect of marketing activities (ROI) and establish improvement plan;
• Check LG and competitor brand competitiveness index through Brand Tracker and establish annual marketing strategy direction and improvement plan;
• Examine progress of execution plan to improve market position/improve brand index and issues;

In Store Management
• Examine trend in shop status/competitor display etc. and establish share improvement plan with ISM Team and Sales Team;

Supply Chain Management
• Check SCM management index and examine reason for poor performance and countermeasure plan;
• In case of shortage of inventory for each model, check sales progress of each buyer and adjust volume allocation after discussing priorities. (e.g.) Strategic buyer, confirmed order, promotion etc.;
• Check Subsidiary PO and shipping/warehousing status and identify shipping setback from production site and resulting issues when compared with subsidiary warehousing plan;
• Continuously inspect target goal entry status per stage in the B2B pipeline;
• Check actual sales results and channel inventory status every week and examine soundness of channel inventory;
• Check inventory result and month end forecast (inventory days, long-term inventory ratio) and examine sales status vs. shortage or risk of poor sales and countermeasure plan;
• Examine plan and progress to exhaust inventory when long-term inventory occurs;
• Identify detailed contents of inventory and manage inventory;
• Examine changes in weekly/monthly demand plan, check whether appropriate level of inventory is maintained (total amount of inventory target) and adjust demand plan and check whether or not demand plan is confirmed;
• Identify gap between actual inventory inspection and inventory data and revise/reorganize system. (e.g.) handle as loss, scrap etc.;

Quality Issue
• Examine measures after identifying quality issues and establish plan to recover sales turnover;

Channel Management
• Identify channel structure/characteristics and examine our channel coverage, select strategic channel and support establishing operation plan;
• Identify buyer trend and issues through regular meetings, examine our countermeasure plan and provide appropriate support;
• Support checking transaction conditions for each buyer;

Promotion Management
• Support establishing/executing promotion plan for each buyer;
• Support reviewing P/L simulation considering promotion price/period, volume, price protection, etc;

Sales Turnover
• Monitor appropriateness of target establishment according to monthly target (basic plan, challenging plan);
• Examine results and monitor whether soundness of sales turnover is being monitored;

• Identify monthly appropriateness of rolling P/L (M+3) and issues and examine and monitor efficiency of investing resources for each key account;
• Input cost after reviewing operating profit and profitability of each product and expenses for each item (account) and monitor improving the accuracy of P/L through advance management;
• Examine P&L after monthly closing and monitor whether improvement plans are being established every month;

Weekly Based Management
• Monitor management of weekly result vs. plan and improvement of accuracy regarding sales turnover / cost.

What do we offer you?
Next to a career at a global leading company which is continuously developing (never a dull moment);
• A fulltime - 40 hours per week - job which you will start with a temporary agreement of one year.
• A market competitive monthly salary, depending on your education and experience.
• Good package of secondary benefits like an annual performance related bonus, collective healthcare insurance and pension premium contribution.
• And of course the possibility to purchase our beautiful products with discount.
• Place of work will be our office in Amstelveen.

Who are you?
The ideal Product Manager Solar has the following knowledge and experience:
• Bachelor or Master degree preferably in Business Management;
• At least 5 years working experience in a similar position;
• Fluent in English and Korean both written and verbal;
• Advanced user with MS Office (especially Excel);
• No 9 to 5 mentality;

The following competencies are important:
• Customer orientation;
• Possess ability to analyse and interpret information;
• Planning & organizing;
• Flexibility;
• Initiative;
• Communication skills;

Thanks for taking the time to read our vacancy. If we have caught your attention and you think it is a match to your experience and interests, then please apply by sending your resume and motivation letter to lifeis.good@lge.com.
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