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For Any Student who Aspires to Academic Excellence

Julian Song
2022-04-08 20:50
Dear my potential students,

If you feel that you are one of those who aspire to academic excellence, please be informed that you are cordially invited to the intensive SAT/ACT/IB/TOEFL/IELTS/etc. courses that I offer.

To briefly introduce myself, I studied English linguistics (PhD/MA) in Vienna University with a research focus on correlations between language and science. The unmatched value of my classes is endorsed by myriad testimonials of my students and their parents. For over 8 years, I've been teaching over 700 international school students in Canada, the U.S., European countries, and Korea (both repatriates and local Koreans) in accordance with the high expectations of their parents (corporate expatriates, diplomats, and locals).

A large majority of my students have proceeded to prestigious universities all around the world and are living happily, pursuing their life goals, not to mention their academic and professional goals, as indicated by those who were admitted to Yale/Brown/POSTECH/KAIST/McGill/etc. universities recently and have been doing their jobs with flying colors up until now. It is noteworthy that most of my students gained competitive scores in SAT and ACT even among top-university candidates and that a large number of them gained full scores in SAT Essay and ACT Essay as well. I have time-tested expertise in IB's EE and TOK as well, as I often work as an external examiner for them.

As I am a scholar basically, I find great pleasure in teaching prospective amateur scholars, i.e., ambitious students. Every class you have with me, which is quite fun as much as intellectually stimulating, will go a long way toward inspiring you to make the best of your untapped or nascent talent, to say the least of it.

Looking forward to meeting many aspirant students,

Yours Earnestly,

E-mail: julianeverdr@gmail.com
KakaoTalk ID: Julianeverdr1 (Please feel free to contact me in Korean, as I speak Korean, too)
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