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[채용공고] 삼성 SDS - Logistics Operations / Supply Logistics Manager

2022-09-14 15:47

Delft에 위치한 삼성 SDS에서 함께 일할 인력을 채용하고 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 아래에서 확인 바랍니다.
관심있는 분들의 많은 지원 부탁드립니다.

지원 및 문의사항은 아래 담당자 연락처를 이용해 주시기 바랍니다.

Purpose of the job:
Leading Samsung SDS Europe/CIS RHQ’s communication towards all Local Branch’s Logistics teams in Europe/CIS. Be the knowledge center for all logistics operations in order to increase visibility and efficiency on logistics operations for management of Samsung SDS.
This role requires him or her to lead by example. Inspire, develop and coach the Local Branches within Samsung SDS Europe/CIS RHQ. Manage the relationship with all relevant internal and external stakeholders and optimize processes to focus on continuous improvement & added value. Leading the change by supporting the implementation of the numerous improvement projects, as well as initiation/roll out of structural improvement projects is an integral part of that task.

Key activities:
• Drive Operational Excellence Performance of Samsung European Factory’s In/Outbound transport and distribution
• Optimize visibility, monitoring processes and drive continuous improvement where necessary
• Work with Internal Customers to optimize and meet requirements (Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Finance etc.)
• Participate in LSP management processes, such as qualification for operation capacity, performance evaluation and improvement strategies
• Produce metrics reporting and data analysis to identify issues and opportunities for process improvements
• Support the design and implementation of logistic processes, keeping our logistic capabilities in pace with our growth
• Increase flexibility and decrease dependency by co-creating action plans for important commercial moments through our logistics forecast
• Act as Samsung Electronics Account Manager for Logistics Operation
• Centralized communication channel between SDS RHQ, HQ and Samsung Electronics

• Independent: Able to plan own projects and set priorities
• Responsible: Able to work towards and meet deadlines
• Quality: Accurate with an eye for detail
• Sensitivity: Strong communicator, cultural awareness

For this role we are looking for a candidate with extensive experience in Logistics / Supply Chain with a strong result driven mindset and extensive managerial experience. Our ideal candidate has strong communication, persuasion, negotiation and analytical skills.
We are looking for a manager with:
• A Master degree in Logistics/SCM
• Around 5+ years working experience in a relevant role
• SCM & Logistics knowledge
• Excellent stakeholder management skills
• A proficient level of English (Hungarian, Slovak, Polish or Korean is a plus)
• Ability to travel
• Advanced Excel & Power Point with Ability to simplify complex process and understand different angles

If this role matches your profile please send your CV and motivation letter to Sieta Soltanie (s.soltanie@samsung.com)
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